The electronic studio has a small room that was made studio-ready with some acoustic renovations. The Sound is provided by eight Klein + Hummel O 110 studio monitors and an O 800 subwoofer. The main computer is a MacPro with an RME interface. A patchbay leads the signals to a Yamaha TF-1 mixer. Microphones of various characteristics are available. The recording studio of the university can be used for recordings.
The attic of the Uhlemeyerstrasse building is another room available for shared use with the institute's colleagues. There is a four-channel sound system with Genelec 8040 and a stereo pair of Genelex 8050. A small side room can be used by students and has a stereo monitor with Neumann KH 120.
Various MIDI instruments (keyboards, controllers, pedals) and laptops are available for live interaction. For acoustic irradiation at concerts, there is an eight-channel system with QSC K 12.2 and subwoofer KS 112; for smaller acoustic irradiation, Genelec 8050, 8040 and Yamaha MSP-5 are available.
In terms of "historical instruments", the studio has a Moog synthesizer from 1974, which was re-tested in 2009 and provided with a current tutorial. Next to it you can find an EMS Vocoder and two EMS Synthis.


Last modified: 2023-12-11

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