Joachim Heintz after studying Literature and Art History, began his composition studies with Younghi Pagh-Paan and Guenter Steinke in Bremen in 1995 at the Hochschule Fuer Kuenste. During the course of his studies in Bremen, he worked intensively in the electronic music field and also with mixed media such as video. He is the head of the electronic studio fmsbw at Incontri, the institute of new music at HMTMH (Hanover University of Music Drama and Media), teaches Audio-Programming at the HfK Bremen and is a member of the Theater der Versammlung in Bremen. He is engaged as a co-developer in the Open Source projects Csound and CsoundQt and hosted the First International Csound Conference in 2011 at HMTMH. His list of works include pieces both for instruments and electronics, for concerts, sound installations and as theatre music. His music has been performed all over Europe, Asia and America.


Last modified: 2022-09-26

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