Call for Music

There will be a concert on october 1st with pieces which were made mainly with Csound, either fixed media or with live electronics (maximum eight speakers). In addition, sound installations can be performed during the conference in the foyer of the HMTMH. Please send your suggestions by ordinary mail to Joachim Heintz, HMTM Hannover, Neues Haus 1, D-30175 Hannover. Each submission must contain:
1. A CD or DVD with the files to be played at the conference (aiff or wav).
2. A CD with a stereo mixdown of your work.
3. A short presentation of the piece.
4. A short biography of the creator(s).
5. A signed copy of either the Concert Agreement or the Installation Agreement (see links below) in which the creator(s) agree(s) to the condition for the concert/installation.
Our abilities to perform Videos are rather poor; so if you submit works containing images you must accept compromises in performing them.
Submission deadline: July 1
Notification of acceptance: August 1

Agreement to Conditions of Participation


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